CANMARTEX designs and makes circular knitting machines, looking synergies with end customers to establish and develop common projects, the priority being: participating in the creation of a new ecosystem based on sustainability, the circular economy, the recycling, digitization and the application of industry 4.0


We have our own know-how that we constantly apply in our machinery models, knowledge that we expand by participating in technological challenges promoted by the European Union together with leading technology centres and our clients who feed us back with their experiences and new needs to adapt to the constant environment volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous that is accompanying us during the last years.


We have also expanded our know-how using JUMBERCA's experience and technology, applying it as a reference and adapting it to manufacture high-end circular machine models, obtaining our final customers: the competitiveness and prestige of a world-renowned brand.




CANMARTEX: Circular Knitting Machines



CANMARTEX designs and makes large-diameter circular knitting machines, applying the following industrial values: innovation and exclusivity in new projects, together with the knowledge and experience of JUMBERCA brand technology for sweater series made by CANMARTEX. These advantages benefit the final customer with the added value of competitiveness and a prestigious brand.



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Download documents

  • canmartex-td7.pdf (306,94 KB) Technical fabrics canmartex-td7.pdf (306,94 KB)
  • canmartex-jumberca-sm1-english.pdf (7,64 MB) Full electronic circular knitting machine canmartex-jumberca-sm1-english.pdf (7,64 MB)
  • canmartex-jumberca-es48-es72-english.pdf (1,38 MB) Single jersey machines with electronic jacquard selection canmartex-jumberca-es48-es72-english.pdf (1,38 MB)
  • canmartex-jumberca-ed60-ed76-english.pdf (1,64 MB) Electronic Jacquard double jersey machine in 3 technique ways canmartex-jumberca-ed60-ed76-english.pdf (1,64 MB)
  • canmartex-jumberca-4st48-english.pdf (357,03 KB) High speed single-faced terry loop machine canmartex-jumberca-4st48-english.pdf (357,03 KB)
  • canmartex-jumberca-4sf90-4sf96-english.pdf (0,94 MB) High speed 3-thread fleece Machine Perfect Plating of biding and ground yarn canmartex-jumberca-4sf90-4sf96-english.pdf (0,94 MB)
  • canmartex-jumberca-4s72-4s90-english.pdf (1,23 MB) High Speed Single Jersey Machine Perfect Elastomer Plating canmartex-jumberca-4s72-4s90-english.pdf (1,23 MB)
  • canmartex-jumberca-4d60-4d84-4d96-english.pdf (0,73 MB) Mechanical double jersey machines Quality-Versatility-High production canmartex-jumberca-4d60-4d84-4d96-english.pdf (0,73 MB)
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