amec amtex shows at Innovate Textile & Apparel the high competitiveness and level of service of Spanish textile Technology.
February 9, 2023

The sector operates maintaining its maximum level of commitment and making deliveries in the agreed time.


The Spanish industry clearly differentiates itself by offering completely personalized solutions, by its high level of service and by guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.


amec amtex, the Spanish association of textile technology manufacturers that groups together all companies related to the textile technology manufacturing process, participates in the Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show, an international event that will take place from October 15 to 30, to show the high competitiveness of Spanish textile technology companies and make evident their great differentiation: customized solutions for the client, total commitment and a very high quality of service. amec amtex participates through an innovative virtual stand that brings the sector closer to the entire international ecosystem.


The Spanish textile industry maintains all its operations, teleworking in all areas where it is possible and without having made cuts in the workforce, which allows maintaining a very high service to the client. Maintaining the cohesion of the entire work team in the company and having its suppliers close allows it to continue to meet deliveries in the agreed time and without delays. That is why it continues to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. The great value of Spanish textile technology manufacturers is that they offer solutions to textile companies that range from the conception of a personalized and made-to-measure project to its implementation in the client's factory, to whom they carry out all the training, maintaining a total commitment at all times.


In addition, Spanish manufacturers advance in their quality of service thanks to superdigitalization, through the presentation of digital samples, virtual reality technical services and tailor-made communication with their clients to offer a direct link and resolution of problems in real time.


The sector thus continues to meet the demand by innovating, researching and developing new solutions. "Listening to the market and presenting advanced solutions to their needs makes us take a step forward and add value to textile manufacturers", explains the president of amec amtex, Òscar Rius.


Spanish manufacturers provide new solutions that improve the performance of their customers, such as finishing machinery with less water consumption, high-performance and efficient software, single-pass digital printing, new materials in spare parts and new pigment dyeing chemicals. . They also update the manufacturing processes to work with new textile materials, such as Kevlar or carbon fiber. "Machinery manufacturers are focused on creating technology that will be able to present textile garments that are changing our lives: active clothing, industrial protection equipment, PPE, technical equipment, military protection", says the president of amec amtex.


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