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    amec amtex shows at Innovate Textile & Apparel the high competitiveness and level of service of Spanish textile Technology. The sector operates maintaining its maximum level of commitment and making deliveries in the agreed time.  
    The Spanish industry clearly differentiates itself by offering completely personalized solutions, by its high level of service and by guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.  
    amec amtex, the Spanish association of textile technology manufacturers that groups together all companies related to the textile technology manufacturing process, participates in the Innovate Textile &...
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    The sectors most affected by the coronavirus: the textile asks to move the factories to Turkey or Morocco According to Standard & Poors, computers and electronics, electrical equipment and motor vehicles are among the sectors most affected.  
    The textile sector is the most dependent on supplies from China, since 3.47% of the materials and intermediate components it needs to make its products come from that country, which explains why the coronavirus crisis has forced some firms to assume delays in its production.
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    Machinery manufacturers more optimistic: revenue drop of up to 20% this year Despite being one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, in recent months it has recovered and corrected the forecast for a drop in income, which was initially estimated at 30%.  
    The Spanish textile machinery sector recovers. Despite being one of the industries most affected by the coronavirus, with a 38% drop in exports during the first half of the year, the business faces the future with more optimism. In summer, exports increased, and the sector expects to go from a drop in income of...
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    Rotor spinning and textile recycling Although growing environmental awareness has prompted the textile industry to seek increasingly sustainable production methods, recycling and reusing textile materials is not new within the textile industry. The regenerated yarns produced by the rotor spinning process (Open end) are a clear example of the reuse of resources that has been carried out in the textile industry for more than 50 years.





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